Thursday, 31 December 2009

Random post

Last week I was out-of-town to be with my Husband..(Yes I got married last year..I am yet to complete 2 months of married life. My husband lives in another city and since Husband will/ can now often get featured in the forthcoming posts, he will be called ZZ)
I had a day when he went to office and I was alone at the home after 10:00am..Delhi is at its chilly best and even though I had plans to do this and that, all I did was read a book, upload marriage pics at picasa and send links to friends and check my home-page umpteen times in Orkut.. It was such a boring day but was made up when a dear friend K who too recently got married, came in the evening with her husband.. We watched her marriage and honeymoon pics and ate and laughed and drank and ate again and discussed another friend who is going to get married and our married lives. It was so cold that day and she braved to come to meet me that too in a bike, was awesome…

My organization has organized a 3-day program for its women executives at Noida and it was a fantabulous project.. One evening after session we went for shopping to Great India Palace and another day watched “3 idiots” with friends. We sure had a great time there.. Also the lectures were interesting and I got to meet some of real wise souls there. One of the external faculty who undertook one lecture on “Managing Role Stress” was stressing the fact that in a life, a woman has to play many roles like that of a good daughter, wife, mother, sister, daughter-in-law.. And she never skipped this last word “daughter-in-law” every time she talked about roles.. She probably lives with a mother-in-law at home :/…Being married made me extra observant on these kind of words, it seems ;)

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, a new decade.. Let me quickly sum up the last deacde 2000-09 as
The period when I made transition from a teenage to a bespectacled young woman, when I left the warm and secure blanket of parents and moved to a bigger world (and it ‘s a nice world outside), when I know the bliss of living in hostel and with friends, when I shunned the school-bag and went to college( sometimes with just a pen in hand), when I had the best time of my life, when I saw the sea first time, when I danced all night on friend’s birthdays, when I earned my first pay-check, when I fall in love, when I received my first ever rose and bouquet, when my marital status changed..

Wishing all a wonderful new year....


  1. Since you didn't really announce it in a big way then, here's congratulating you on getting married, now :)

  2. Happy married life:)
    Nice to be married, its fun but has its own package of compromise!!!

    Have fun lady

  3. married? when? who? details?
    oops silly me! congrats :-D

  4. Happy married life sweety :) You still have to send me your marriage pics remember ;)

  5. wish you a happy married life dear..this explains your absence from blogsphere..hope to see you regular now..and yeah, let me welcome the debutant hero of this blog - ZZ :)

  6. the summary of the last decade was really cool :D

    wish u a haapy married life :D

  7. m soo happy for u ...congratssss wishes... and have wonderful year ahead sweetie...

    keep reading u :)

  8. Congrats on ur wedding! :) No pictures for us ? :(