Monday, 9 November 2009

Somethings never change...

Somethings never change. No matter how fast-paced life become, no matter how tech savvy new-age kids become, somethings never change..

So what if we had only 5-star and Dairy-Milk as option for chocolates and today the kids have plethora to choose from, the young girls of age 3-4 still love to snatch the hand-bag of their lady guests or neighbours, turn them inside out to check if there are any chocolates/ eatables there and hang the purse on their shoulders and flaunt it as if they are carrying their own.

So what if fashion then was not so very much to look forward to and there was not much TV/internet that breeds the bug of looks and beauty on young minds like they do have today, the young adolescents still admire the young unmarried woman who their family knows and who comes to their place often and tells her how much they love her hair, her looks and her dress and her everything and dreams to be like her some day.

Yes, at some point of time I was that kid who used to tear apart the purse of her aunt to look for chocolates and for the entire time she were at our place, I used to carry her purse and roam around the house with an air thinking I am a big girl now.
Down the line, I was also that young tween who dreamt of being like the nice neighbourhood “Didi” who used to come at my house often..

One can always exclaim “girls will be girls” and yes even I will second it but also I want to add that “What goes round comes around” (Today my neighbourhood twin-girls remind me of my childhood when they fight to get hold of/ scrutinize my purse and carry it with elan on their tiny shoulders. Today a young teen makes me smile when she tells how much she likes the dress and hair and earrings and..)
“What goes round surely comes around”
…and I am not complaining :D

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  1. i too used to scan all relatives handbags that came home! like an airport security officer :P

  2. so true...i even use to wear their heeled footwear...becuz my mum use to wear flats always.....:))..nd ye...handbags true...:))

    btw i dint try Kuch was cold in dilli...:))....

  3. Hmm... Such a chocolate freak you are ;)

    I use to behave like that for stickers or labels...

  4. @celestialrays hehe kids are same evrywhere;D
    @titaxy :D
    @deepti oh yes, how did i miss to mention this on my post..i too used to try their heeled footwear..:D welcome hya
    @cm-chap you cant separate girls from chocolates too long ;)n stickers and labels, yes it's a guy thing..
    @neha hain naa;))

  5. Soon, soon I go back to India. I wish I had been born in this great warm embrace!

    By the way....yes yes yes your blog is filled up with wonderful inspiring.

    Here is a footprint from me in Sweden!

    Peace & Love


  6. sweet :)
    somethings indeed never change :D

  7. @agneta welcome here..hope to have a lot of your foot-prints here;)
    @bluntedges :)
    @celestialrays a lot of things were happening in my life ..will be writing about it soon..:))