Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I am rushing through life. Yes I am. I never thought that I would end up being someone who is just going through life without realizing the beauty around her.

My daily routine has become a loop of office-home-(sometimes)market. The time in home is spent in reading magazines and whizzing in front of laptop. The mornings are so rush that I don’t even get to open the windows to let the fresh air come in and the in evenings I feel so tired ( no tired is not the right term, ‘lazy’ will be better) to exercise or go out unless you have to rush to market for shopping/ knick-knacks and so the time is spent lying in the couch breezing through magazines and listening songs.

You don’t get such kind of insightful wake-up call on your own. There is always something small/ big that triggers it, right. Yes. It so happens that some time ago we planned of a little get-together of friends at my place in the evening. I live on the first floor. So after office my friends came to my place. I pulled the curtains aside to open the window and one of my friend gushed ‘Wow’. I was like what. What did you find attractive in opening a window? And she pointed to the big tree covered with bright red flowers that stood in the lawn of the ground-floor occupants and towers high into the air. “Never in my life I have seen tree laden with so many flowers.” I smiled but deep down I feel guilty. All through this time I had gone to my balcony umpteen times to hang clothes , I had opened and closed the windows every day but never did I care to see that tree laden with so many bright red flowers!! I looked again at that tree. It was indeed laden and bent with bulk of flowers.

Yes that was the wake-up call for me to look into the materialistic life I was leading.

I am in the good company of books, movies and music but it has been long since I took a stroll in the road just for the pleasure of walking and taking in the sereneness around me. All I have walked is for getting from one place to another with the aim to reach that place.

I am sitting in an ac office but it has been long since I sit on the railing of my terrace when it’s breezy outside to feel the air on my face. All I have done on such weather is ponder how will I commute to office if it rains tomorrow.

“What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?” This poem suddenly makes sense now and fits in the situation.

Whenever my alarm-bell rings , I have this habit of putting it on snooze. The bell has rung and still I haven’t wake up. I have been keeping it on snooze mode every time it tries to wake me up. I think the limit is over now and I have to wake up now else I would never know when the sun is over my head and the time is lost.

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  1. this is all so true na...we never tend to appreciate the beauty around us..our mind and body are so very tired of doing everything mechanically that we forget that a life exists beyond such things as well...very real post...loved every word of it..keep it up :)

  2. I agree with u...its true and we miss so much things around all depends on how we look at things!!
    Thanks neha for forwarding me the link of this post !!

    Nice post..i liked the way u write!!

  3. @neha thanks..'mechanical' term describes the life we are living correctly but all one need is one wake-up call, right?:))

    @nazish rahman thanks:))that incident was an eye-opener sorts to me as I am generally regarded as 'Observant' by my friends;(

  4. I can completely relate to ur post . Sometimes we jst strt existing until a pinch reminds us "Oh My Life is passing by , and I gotto live this moment " and then we strt living instead of existing. but this circle continues until the pinch hurts hard :)

  5. I know... you get sucked in this routine life to the level that you dont even know what you are missing. I'm currently in such a phase trying to come out of it.. What am I doing now for it? Check my next post..hopefully today or tomorrow.

    My routine life adds one more task.. self cooking (Self torture rather)

    Kudos for the way you wrote it....

    P.S" I shall do the tag after today's post :)

  6. Hmm...its okay once a while to be occupied in yourself and not see the beauty around...dont feel guilty :)

  7. Rightly said. I too feel that life is just whizzing by and we are unable to do nethin abt it. :P

  8. I know what you mean. I had the same feeling a few days back... but as long as wake up... all is good. Better late than never :).

  9. how true.. we actually try n ignore the things around us.. our lifes hav become like those machines work home work thats how our routine is these days and we dont realize we r missin out on so many beautiful things around us.. lovely post :) really beautiful..!

  10. Lovely post..!! u write so well yaar :)

  11. me too in a similar situation.

  12. So very rightly said.
    The snooze button haas been pressed for too long.
    Its better to wake up now rather than pressing the panic button later.
    "The materialistic world".
    We actually need to shrug it off or atleast see things beyond the obvious
    .Nice post dear


  13. I guess this can be applied to all of us who are too busy trying to survive that we miss out on the wonderful things life brings us. Don't worry, you're not alone in this one. :) At least now you know what to do.