Friday, 15 May 2009


Yeah, dreams are what reside in her eyes
And her heart is full of hope.
She has seen life’s lows and highs
And the days that soon elope.

She lives today to its fullest
And sets her eyes on tomorrow
She smiles and says with her heart honest
Yesterday I lived with no sorrow.

She says,” It’s a mad-mad world”.
But she thoroughly relished its madness.
She flirts but also keeps her word.
She speaks her heart flawless.

She sings with the wind and flies in the sky,
She dances in the rain.
She demands what she wants without being shy,
She works hard with her brain.

She is a sweet pie, she is a serene lass.
She fades the gloom away.
She walks by the lane she walks by the pass,
Has she ever crossed your way?

**Out of Archive**
(Engineering 2nd Year)


  1. i think i know her. A part of her is in all of us. Sometimes, she shows herself completely, sometimes in parts.

  2. @arunima yeah,completely agree..thats why whenever one reads this poem, she exclaims to herself "oh, its me!!!!"